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Face Recognition Solution

In today’s world, security needs to needs to be effective yet non-invasive of personal privacy. Combining state-of-the-art technology with human intelligence is the right way to develop a long -term security strategy. Face Recognition Technology is the newest answer to modern security concerns.

With the implementation of Face Recognition Tool, the trouble of one trying to enter using their bio-metrics like finger prints or iris print is eliminated. Instead a full facial mapping is done and saved while registering and this saved data is then validated against the live audience walking past the camera.

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A Detailed Explainer of the tool:

How It Works?

Capture: Photo, Scan, Video, Face location is detected automatically & Images are saved in jpeg in real time

Detect: Eyes, nose and mouth is found; Eyes of people are aligned and face area is cropped

Extract: Different Perspective of faces are generated

Compare: Compares digitized face with database

Match: Face is matched to database


  • Visitor Management: Our Face Recognition based visitor management module enables simple ip cameras to go beyond simple surveillance and loss prevention. Read More


  • Attendance ManagementThe Attendance Management module takes away the stress of lengthy attendance procedure and enables the process to be faster and more secure. Read More


  • Public SurveillanceWith the help of Face Recognition Technology, monitor your surroundings 24×7 for suspicious activity and as a safeguard against crime and loss. Read More



  • Media Inspector: Our solution helps in analysis of the recorded video for further use. It is scanned with rapid speed and the face images are captured and matched against the personnel face database simultaneously in real time. Read More.


  • 3D based Face Modelling

  • In House App Development customized client requirement

  • Face Recognition Rate up to 99.7% accuracy

  • Built – in Application to filter near Zero for F.A.R

  • Multiple Face Recognition possible at a time

  • Records and save video on server for later analysis


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